"Vote" footer link

The “vote” link in the footer goes directly to snapshot.org, but doesn’t link to degen doge. Otherwise the site looks absolutely amazing.


Hi Don,

Thanks for providing feedback! I help build the website, so I can answer that one for you.

What you are looking at is an early preview of the development site. Some of the functionality will not be ready until after launch.

In the case of the “vote” button, it links directly to the root URL of snapshot.org (the governance voting platform we use). Much like the links on the website that direct to URL’s that contain our token contract address, they will be updated once we’ve launched the project, and smart contracts. Until then some of the external links will point to the root url of the services in question.

  • Levi

Thx that makes sense. I’m new to DAO’s so I wanted to ask.


No problem! We’re happy to have people navigating the site and bringing potential issues to our attention.

The degen ecosystem has its own governance voting system as well, but the team is leaning toward using snapshot as it is quickly becoming a standard amongst DAO’s.


On the latest development site the “Vote” links point to our snapshot now. Snapshot

It will be activated once we’ve got a token address for $DDOGE to enable weighted voting.