NFT collection?

Hoping I’m posting in the right forum.

I’m wondering if the team has any ideas or plans to make a NFT collection for the project? I am a experienced NFT artist with 2 successful projects already. I can assist in projects or advise if wanted.


Thanks for posting. We love the idea, and love to see community members already looking for ways to contribute to the project.

This section of the forum is fine to post regarding future projects and developments in the ecosystem. It would also be fine to post threads like this in general discussion.

The team has indeed discussed creating a NFT collection, and even a custom NFT marketplace for the DEGEN ecosystem. At the moment we’re fully focused on the development and release of our BETA application, but as the project matures, and the team grows, we intend to expand the ecosystem.

If interested, you could send an introductory email with some details about your experience, and samples of your work to



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NFT collection would be cool. Pixelated degen style shibs? What kind of utility could the team build around NFT’s ? Time share of the degen yacht for holders? :laughing::laughing:

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Haha, the degen yacht! For now, the degen NFT owners can share a ride in my Subaru Crosstrek. :red_car:

I can definitely see an NFT collection in the future though, especially if the community wants it.

NFT’s would be cool, could use them as keys to earning x2,x5,x10 apy depending on the rarity


As a collector of fine .jpgs, I’m all for it.