DEGEN Twitter Contest tool

Hey team,

I have a proposal for an app that aims to remove the confusion surrounding social media giveaways, specifically on Twitter.

The Problem:
A lot of influencers run giveaways on a daily basis, but most of them are just looking for fake engagement and probably never actually give out the prizes.

The Idea:
The DEGEN giveaway tool. It would be a helpful tool for genuine giveaways where the person organizing the contest can submit the prize to the app. The app would then be responsible for selecting the winner and holding the prize to be claimed until the winner claims it.

By using this app, people would feel more confident that giveaways held through it are legitimate. To support the development of the project, it can request a small fee for the service.

Let me know what you think

Thanks for joining the community MrTaxMan

That’s a neat concept. I see a lot of the posts you’re talking about on Twitter. It seems like a very popular tactic to increase engagement, or at least fake it. I think you’re probably correct that in a lot of cases, they have no intention to actually distribute prizes to winners, it’s an unfortunate situation.

We see a route to creating a decentralized giveaway platform that could be included in the DEGEN ecosystem. We like the idea of a small fee or tax that could then be used toward the DEGEN project.

At this time our full focus is on rounding out the existing functionality, and preparing for launch, but we’ve pinned this idea, and intend to revisit it once the time and development resources become available. This would be a great governance proposal for future features.

Thanks for contributing

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So this is why I haven’t been winning any giveaways? :see_no_evil:

Must be why you’re not winning any giveaways :smile: