DEGEN Domain Name Question

Domain names are always an important consideration.

We’ve put out a generous offer to acquire and are waiting to hear back from the seller.

We own a handful of strong domain names for the project, so if we are unable to acquire, we will use one of our secondary options.

How does the community feel about .com, vs .io domain names?

Does .com inspire more trust than .io?

We believe that in the web3 world the .io extension has risen to the top, almost on par with .com extensions, but we would love to know how others feel about this.

Agree with what Sam said earlier. As long as companies aren’t using the incredibly cheap, and somewhat distasteful new domain extensions like .gg, and .wtf I see no issue with even .org, or .net domains, though they have been historically considered a lower tier extension.

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I agree. It sounds like Seb was leaning toward .io before we even sent out the offer to acquire the .com

In computer science, IO commonly used as an abbreviation for input/output. I think it fits great for any sort of technical project, so you’ve got my vote.